Diamond Education

Before you order a diamond or diamond ring it is advisable that you spend some time and learn some important facts about diamonds. The term 4 C’s of diamonds refers to the cut, clarity, colour and carat size. Beyond the basic 4 C’ there are other additional facts about diamonds such as Girdle, Culet, Table, Enhancements, Fluorescence etc.

Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond enhances its beauty and adds a dazzling sparkle. Mistaking shape and size to be the same is one of the most common error that buyer make. The cut of a diamond refers to the symmetry, angle and proportions given to it internally to reflect the light to attain the brilliant sparkle. Whereas the shape of a diamond refers to ones personal choice. The cut of a diamond austerely impacts its brilliance and also affects its price.

Diamond Colour

Colour is one of the four main characteristics of the 4 C’s of a diamond. It is important that a buyer does pay importance to the colour as it also determines the quality of a diamond. It is advisable that a buyer has some basic knowledge about the grading of colours of a diamond for a better understanding and be able to make the right choice. A diamond which is chemical free and structurally perfect would be absolutely colourless with no hues.

Diamond Clarity

The visual appearance of existing internal characteristics of a diamond called inclusions and surface imperfection popularly know as blemishes, is referred as the clarity of a diamond. It is one of the four pillars of 4 C’s. Inclusions in a diamond can be made by foreign particles or another diamond crystal or by naturally any structural imperfections like tiny cracks. Flawless or nearly flawless diamonds are very rare and very expensive Dharam Jewellers provides with the some of the clearest diamonds. Learn more how to choose the right grade of clarity for the perfect diamond ring of your choice.

Diamond Carat Weight

The term carat is used to measure the weight of a diamond and refers to the mass of the diamond. As once you have decided on which cut, colour and clarity to choose the next important decision would be to decide on the carat weight. The budget has to be kept in mind while you select your preferred carat. Since diamonds are a produce of mother earth, larger diamonds are rarity as compared to smaller once hence they are highly prized. The value of a diamond rises with the carat weight. A one carat diamond ring will always be more expensive in comparison to a ring made of smaller diamonds that weighs either a carat or even more. The chart below exemplifies how different carat weight looks after it is set in a ring.

Diamond Enhancements

Diamond enhancements, known also as diamond treatments, involve several techniques for improving the gemological characteristics of gems that are already cut and polished. Jewellers treat the diamonds mainly to improve their clarity and other quality parameters by laser drilling and other means so that the gems can be sold at higher prices. This is the reason that United States Federal Trade Commission requires the jewellers to clearly disclose to the customers all the treatments done on the diamond.

Diamond Fluorescence

Some diamonds reveal a change in colours when ultraviolet light falls on them. The light may be from sun or from fluorescent light bulbs. This characteristic of the diamonds showing another colour in the light is called fluorescence. When buying the diamonds, you should ask the jeweller for the certificate disclosing fluorescence quality of the gemstone to determine its prices correctly.

Diamond Certificate

Diamonds that are described by Dharam Jewellers as Premium have a make which is considered fine by anyone in the industry. In the case of round diamonds, many of these diamonds have cuts that are the equal of any Ideal Cut diamond, though they often can be purchased at slightly lower prices than AGS Ideal Cuts. They are intended to provide maximum brilliance and fire. They are truly for the connoisseur who enjoys knowing that he has one of the finest things that money can buy.

Diamond Care

Diamonds are expensive gems that you would not be buying very often. So, an utmost care of the precious stones is a must once you have bought them as an investment tool for future or in the studded form in jewellry like rings and pendants. Though, a feature of diamonds is that they are the hardest substance and can only be damaged when hit by another diamond, still some other types of damages can occur to them.