Your jewellery should be adequately protected by insurance. If you have cover based on a valuation provided some years ago, it would be prudent to have a re-appraisal; otherwise, if your jewellery was stolen or damaged, the money you receive might not be sufficient to restore the lost items.

A professionally produced valuation by Dharam Jewellers will provide:
  A checklist so that everything missing can be claimed for.

  Proof of ownership for the insurance company and for the police, if items are recovered.

  Enough details to allow items of similar type and quality to be bought or made.

  Digital photographs of each jewellery or watch item being valued.

  A firm foundation on which to base a claim.
The valuation is based on the cost of replacing your jewellery with similar items; if you prefer, it may be based on the estimated cost of re-creating articles exactly to the original designs. In either case, you may expect a detailed schedule – your valuation would not say "diamond ring. £1,200.00", we will describe your diamond ring in detail including colour, cut, carat weight, and clarity.

Our valuation services also extend to:

  High net worth jewellery

  Valuation disputes

  Divorce settlement

  Theft recovery and identification


  Examination of recovered items

We specialise in the valuation of:

  High Net Worth Jewellery

  European Jewellery

  Bespoke Jewellery

  Asian Jewellery (22ct & 24ct)

  Watches (Modern & Antique)
At Dharam Jewellers, we offer an in-house valuation service at our head office, a nationwide home visit valuation service, and we can also value your items at your bank or a safe deposit establishment. For further information or to arrange a valuation of your items, please contact us on 020 8813 6766 or email us at